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2019 Audition Eligibility and Materials

Audition Materials for ASO 2020 are posted at the bottom of this page.

Along with the required scales and excerpts, string players must also submit a recording of a 2 1/2 minute solo.

2020 Wind/Brass/Percussion Audition Materials are the same as those for All State Band, and can be accessed here.

The Colorado All State Orchestra has been providing memorable performance opportunities for the state's top high school musicians since 1952. Conductors have programmed staples of classic orchestral repertoire as well as contemporary literature. Colorado ASO is a direct extension of the many high school instrumental music programs across the state of Colorado. ASO is supported by these programs, and as a result, being a member of a school ensemble is a requirement for a Colorado ASO audition. 


Colorado All State Orchestra (ASO) auditions are open to students enrolled in grades 10-12. ASO is sanctioned by the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) and governed by CHSAA eligibility policy. In order to participate in the ASO event, the student must be enrolled in a high school that is a member of CHSAA. In addition, each student must be enrolled in their school's instrumental music program. Homeschooled students and students who attend a high school that does not offer music must enroll and actively participate in a curricular high school music program in order to be eligible to audition for ASO. This participation requirement is enforceable at the time of audition, and at the time of the event. Participation in private, extracurricular youth orchestra programs does not fulfill this requirement.


Violin Audition Material

Violin Solos with Difficulty Scores

Viola Audition Material

Viola Solos with Difficulty Scores

Cello Audition Material

Cello Solos with Difficulty Scores

Bass Audition Material

Bass Solos with Difficulty Scores

Harp Audition Material